Conducting a study on the impact of sanctions on national development and economic growth

Economic sanctions are coercive measures imposed by a state, an international organization, or a coalition of states (the initiator of sanctions) against another state, its government, or any group within that state (the sanctioned party), in order to bring about changes in its policies or behavior.

Sanctions do not always achieve the political goals originally intended by the initiating country. However, sanctions cause many of the changes that occur in trade, the financial system, and the social sphere in the sanctioned economy, in the economy of the initiating country and in the economies of other countries.

This project studies the economic mechanisms that shape the long-term effects of sanctions on economic growth. Understanding such mechanisms will improve the quality of economic policy decisions in Russia in terms of developing measures to mitigate external shocks and stimulate economic growth in the new environment.

Project Objectives:

To analyze the mechanisms of the impact of sanctions on long-term socio-economic development and growth.

Project Tasks:

- Provide a theoretical description of the impact of sanctions on long-term economic growth based on a literature review.

- Provide a description of databases for the analysis of sanctions.

- Calculate the indicators of economic growth for the economies of several sanctioned countries.

- Analyze sources of economic growth based on economic growth indicators for at least five sanctioned economies based on Total Economy Database data and the literature.

- Compile the sanctions applied to the Soviet economy at different times. A review of the literature on the impact of sanctions on the Soviet economy.

- Analyze Soviet economic growth accounts based on data available in the literature and open databases.

- Prepare an analytical paper on "The Mechanisms of Sanction Influence on Economic Growth".

- Prepare an analytical paper on "Development and Growth under Sanctions in the Countries of the World".

- Prepare an analytical note on "The Impact of Economic Sanctions on Economic Development”.

Project manager

Ilya Voskoboynikov

Leading Research Fellow


Ksenia Bobyleva

Research Fellow

Zhigaylov Alexandr

Research Assistant

Dmitry Lastovetsky

Research Assistant

Arina Ogurtsova

Research Assistant

Natalia Tsatsenko

Research Fellow

Revold M. Entov

Academic Supervisor