where the sources of productivity growth are


the effects of productivity growth


economic growth, structural shifts, and intersectoral interactions


Russia and the world at a sectoral level

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Productivity, Growth and  Cross-Sector Analysis (Russia KLEMS)

This project gives an overview of the Russian economy using cross-country comparisons at the industry level since 1995, harmonized with similar data sets from other countries.

Economic growth, human resources, and general technology in the context of the global slowdown

This project is intended to build research infrastructure and analyze the impact of general-purpose technologies on human capital and long-term economic growth

Mechanisms of Long-Term Economic Growth in  of Isolation and External Shocks

The aim of the research is to explain how the economic mechanisms of long-term economic growth are transformed during structural, demographic, and sanction shocks

Sanctions and long-term economic growth

This project studies the economic mechanisms that shape the long-term effects of sanctions on economic growth. Understanding such mechanisms will improve the quality of economic policy decisions in Russia in terms of developing measures to mitigate external shocks and stimulate economic growth in the new environment


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