The World Bank (WB) is an international financial organization uniting 189 member countries. WB promotes economic integration in the interests of all segments of the population to reduce poverty, create sustainable development and economic growth, and open up new opportunities.

The WB provides financial and technical assistance to developing countries and supports more than 1,800 projects in various sectors of the economy.

HSE University and WB cooperate to support research for the socio-economic development of Russia.

The Russia KLEMS Group interacts with WB, providing access to the Russia KLEMS database, advising on methodological issues of the Russian segment of the Penn World Tables.


The Conference Board (TCB) is a non-profit organization founded in 1916. Its members are more than 1,000 commercial companies from 60 countries.

TCB conducts research in the interests of its partners, promotes research in the interests of specific countries, and provides analytical support for commercial companies. An important component of this TCB work is the development of a long-term growth metric, the Total Economy Database (TED).

The Russia KLEMS Group is a TCB partner and provides data from the Russia KLEMS project for the Russian TED segment.


The Groningen Growth and Development Centre (GGDC) is a platform for research on economic growth and development. This research is largely based on a range of comprehensive databases of indicators of growth and development, including:

The Centre for Productivity Studies organizes scholarly exchanges to facilitate measuring and analyzing economic welfare in the region of former Soviet Union, in accordance with the Agreement for Scientific Cooperation between HSE University and the University of Groningen.